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It’s that time of year: TV fall premiere season!  Our favorite shows are returning and new, hyped-up sitcoms and dramas are about to start up.  It’s a time of year that all of us TV buffs love – everything is new again, everything is starting up fresh.  Cliffhangers are addressed and answered (here’s looking at you, NCIS!) and shows with promise are let loose (I am expecting a lot, Mindy Kaling!).

Normally, my DVR is set to the max: four shows recording at once, hours of new shows to dig through, staying up late to watch every minute of my old favorites and new addictions.  This year, however, I am using Twitter to help me sort through the shows and determine the duds from The Next Great Television Show.

Twitter has changed the way we watch television.  Turn on any television show – including the nightly world news broadcasts on every major channel – a Twitter hashtag, what used to be known as simply the “pound sign” #, will be given in a corner of your television screen.   By typing the hashtag in the Twitter search feature, any tweet with the hashtag written in it will show up in the search results, allowing you to respond to any tweet about the television show.  What this Twitter hashtag effectively does is allow you to watch TV with the rest of the world.

Why does this matter?  Let’s take a breaking news story on ABC World News.  With the hashtag #ABCWorldNews, you are now enabled to participate in a global chat about this breaking news in real time via Twitter.  Conversations are beginning and global opinion is being swayed for and against the topic at hand.  Arguments and debates are emerging – all in 140 characters or less.  When watching TV alone in your living room, you are aware of the fact that hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people are watching the same program as yourself.  With a Twitter hashtag, you are now able to communicate with those people – as the show airs; essentially watching the show together.  The world becomes both smaller in size and larger in scope with the use of one television-based hashtag.

Let’s take an example that’s less serious – Real Housewives of [Insert City Here].  Your husband/boyfriend/partner hates them?  Doesn’t matter!  With the provided hashtag on your television screen, you can now watch your favorite over-the-top Housewives with a community of other people whose husband/boyfriend/partner has shunned them as well!  Which then gives you even MORE to tweet about and so online relationships are cultivated.

You may have also noticed recently, the Real Housewives series, along with several other television shows, have begun scrolling tweets in real time at the top or bottom of the television screen, encouraging and engaging audience participation like never before.

At PJs and Coffee, this is one of a multitude of ways we customize our marketing strategy.  By figuring out which target audience is most likely to watch which show, we tune in, tweet, get them involved in Twitter chats, which then gets pulled into Twitter streams and exposed to a global community tweeting about a common interest. Whether it’s a sports event, game show, reality television or an Oprah interview, we’ll participate in Twitter conversations to get our clients optimal results.   By creating and cultivating these Twitter relationships, a trust is born between customer and business, before having ever mentioned sales or promotion. Now that’s putting the “social” in social media!

As for me, I am looking forward to the start of another television season – and there will be a national audience joining me.  Perhaps you’ll be one of them?

Laying on the couch watching TV will never be the same again — and it’s all thanks to the rapid, real-time nature of Twitter.

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  1. Melissa says:

    I do this all the time! Love all the detailed info.

  2. Lisa says:

    Great article. I enjoy utilizing Twitter when watching TV too – it’s like you are sharing all your thoughts with your friends. I did this especially with “Big Brother.” Reality shows are huge b/c there are serious fans out there and you get to find out so much more!

    I also like to encourage my Company to “practice” their Tweeting skills while watching tv. Great way to play and get better!

    I’ll be sharing this article! Thanks!

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