The Death of Facebook ~ A Matter of Time!

Facebook collapse

Let me first be clear that of all of my reasons, none have to do with stock prices because I firmly believe that Zuckerberg doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the money. While I have many reasons, I felt it necessary to move “interest lists” to the top of the list (no pun intended). Another side note is that when I speak of the death of Facebook, I speak in terms of marketing, primarily.


Where to locate Facebook Interest Lists


This spring Facebook made a very quiet change to users’ timelines. They added a filter option to allow users to prioritize content seen in their feed. The change was so quiet, in fact, that businesses seem to be catching on months later. Users have had the ability for a while now to prioritize their friend posts on their feed. They also, although most probably do not know it, can now prioritize their pages. The interesting thing is that when the integration of friend lists occurred, there was a huge pop-up, notifying users. The “interest lists” for Facebook, not so much.


Why you ask?

Businesses create Facebook pages to market their brands to Facebook users. Now, if users do not add a business page to their “interest list,” the exposure of that brand on users’ news feed is limited. In plain terms, it no longer means as much for someone to “like” a page if they do not have the page added to their interest lists. As illustrated below, a page with 3000 “likes” may yield only 341 views. This will lead to the disinterest in, and eventual death of Facebook as marketers flee the network.

This page has nearly 3000 LIKES – Yet only 341 have seen it.

#1 I am exhausted with all of the hoops Facebook expects users to jump through. Seriously? Who has the time to go through their friends and add them to categories, then their pages, oh,  and let’s not forget updating your privacy settings as the rules constantly change?

#2 It is a lot of work to keep a brand’s page fresh and engaging. What is the point if no one sees it?

One might assume that Facebook made this change in order to force brands into buying ads in order to boost revenue. This conclusion is without logical merit, however, because:

  •  We already know that Facebook ads are a waste of money with most users visiting the social network from their mobile device.
  •  It is illogical to believe that a company would pay for “likes” when they now have little value because the user won’t see the content without adding the page to a list.

All over Facebook  businesses have begun to react by sending emails or posts like this:

Do you really believe that people are going to take the time to do this?

I say, “Highly unlikely!”



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  1. Bobby says:

    Nobody can actually see anything on Facebook unless they have signed up to it. There’s a lot of potential customers out there who never see a company’s posts. If business’s just set up a normal website ( for example. NOT then everyone who cared could get to it.

  2. Rick says:

    Which social media platform is a better option?

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