The Death of Facebook ~ A Matter of Time!

Facebook collapse

I have been planning to write this blog for months. In fact, I am sure there will be many posts written on this topic coming in at multiple angles. In the interest of getting straight to the point and keeping this short, I promise to keep each post focused on just one reason why Facebook is dying a slow, painful death. Read more »

Marketing ~ Leave Your Ego Behind

Customer compare

Why are you in business? What are your goals? These are questions you should be able to answer. Can you? I can. The most valuable piece of advice I can give any client is that when it comes to business, it is not about you! It is about your clients and prospective clients. Read more »

Understanding Your WHY – Websites


As a busy society, we, as individuals, often muddle through our days doing what we think we should be doing, or what we "need" to be doing, moving quickly to the next task, and so on. Both personally and professionally, one rarely stops to ask WHY? Read more »