Repeat After Me…. Do Not….

No one wants robots in their twitter feed!

It’s been 100 years or more since I’ve had a chance to blog! The fact that I am finally back to writing at 1AM on a Tuesday night is a good indication that something has me fired up!  ↓THIS↓ DO NOT AUTOMATE!!!   I was just on my Linked in […] Read more »

Understanding Your WHY – Social Media


Part 2 of a 3 Part Series Social Media is the "buzz" term when it comes to marketing your business right now. There are three types of business owners: 1. don't believe they need social media 2. don't understand it or 3. believe they need it, but have no idea why or how to use it. Before you dismiss social media as irrelevant to your brand, and before you take the time to create accounts without understanding what to do with them, understand your WHY. Click the title link to read on for more insights. Read more »