Social Media Networking is an important strategy for any business or non-profit organization. .

57% of people today talk to others online more often than in person. Through extensive analysis of best and worst practices, we have determined the best methods for reaching your target audience, distributing information and creating a “buzz” online. We do not simply market your business online, but instead build relationships with your target audience, and deliver solid results regarding brand awareness, ROI and building your online presence by increasing website traffic.

Our approach is vastly different than most, as we believe strongly in the “social” aspect of social media. 83% of businesses fail miserably at social media because they do not interact with their target audience. It is our philosophy that all business is about relationships. Our goal is to foster online relationships, establish trust, and grow awareness for your business, product or charitable efforts. We make it our business to learn your business inside and out and represent you appropriately. Another critical aspect to a successful campaign is affordability. PJ’s and Coffee offers the most comprehensive strategies available at a fraction of the cost of any other social media company.