Repeat After Me…. Do Not….


It’s been 100 years or more since I’ve had a chance to blog!

The fact that I am finally back to writing at 1AM on a Tuesday night is a good indication that something has me fired up!



No one wants robots in their twitter feed!

No one wants robots in their twitter feed!


I was just on my Linked in page and stumbled upon a post by….wait for it….a Chiropractor, Wellness Educator and Social Media Strategist. Really? How do these three professions work together? Well, clearly, they do not. This vertebrae adjusting marketing guru shared a link to presumably, his website, called “Automated Social Media.”


Social + Automate = Oxymoron

Now don’t get me wrong, a well executed social media campaign, with all wheels turning regularly, certainly needs a little help to stay active 24/7. That is very different than an automated campaign. The very nature of social media is the social aspect; the engagement. No one is interested in white noise. That noise is the very reason I started my business of managing social media campaigns. One can not network, build relationships and share with others if a robot automation system spits out promotional information throughout the online community.

The very nature of a “community” requires one’s presence. It is difficult to run a business and handle your own marketing, but social media is critical to the successful future of every business. The world moves quickly these days and the attention span of the average person lasts as long as the next tweet in the stream. If your brand isn’t present, you will be left behind. However, that does not mean creating noise, which will ultimately do more harm than good.

Don't become part of the noise.

Don’t become part of the noise.

How do you avoid being noisy? Engage others. Comment on others’ posts on Facebook, Linked in, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. Ask questions, sympathize with, celebrate with and share tips, advice and information with others. Once you’ve established yourself as someone who “shares” and doesn’t just “take,” then you can talk about yourself. Once you’ve connected, then people will care about what you have to say. Imagine yourself at a party stuck with the most boring person who will not stop talking about something that happened to them. You cannot get away. You are trapped. With each passing minute, you hate this person more and more. This is your automated social media campaign.


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