What is Instagram?

Instagram is a phone app that makes sharing photos easy and creative. The app provides various filters to alter and enhance the appearance of the photo. A photo is quickly uploaded, filtered according to the user’s preference and posted to followers, not only on Instagram, but may also be shared through Twitter and Facebook.

What’s in it for you?

Instagram is a free app that allows you to enhance your images and share them easily. Most software programs that perform similar functions are extremely costly. Granted, this is not Photoshop, but for non-professional, fun photos instantly sent out to friends and followers, free is a great deal.

How does business benefit from Instagram?

In this example, pretzel cones from The Pennsylvania General Store are transformed on Instagram into a retro treat.

40% of the top 100 global brands are currently utilizing Instagram to showcase their products. Since Instagram is fed to Twitter and Facebook, as well as Instagram followers, the brand visibility is broad. In addition with the unique filter affect, average products become unique “works of art” and are therefore shared more frequently online. With any social marketing strategy, Instagram can be utilized to make a brand more viral.