Facebook Privacy Posts are Bogus!

Facebook terms and conditions

Facebook terms and conditions

Nothing you post on your Facebook wall will change what you have already agreed to accept, so please stop posting these ridiculous WARNINGS of how you are protecting the pictures of your puppy, children in Halloween costumes and little athletes. No one wants your pictures, well, maybe someone does, however you have posted them in a public forum and in doing so, you have given up your rights.


This has been seen allover Facebook this month, even on some of my *cough* friends’ walls:


Facebook privacy posts are useless


What you need to understand is that from a legal perspective, once you’ve agreed to terms, you cannot just randomly post to your “friends” that you no longer agree to those terms. Sorry folks, it’s just silly.


Check out Facebook Terms and Conditions HERE.

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  1. Kirstin says:

    This is actually pretty interesting information. I really shy away from putting a ton of pictures of my kids on facebook and am just moving farther and farther away from social media. But reading the fine print is pretty eye opening. I will always read the fine print from now on of any social media site. Thanks for sharing this–and for the twitter follow!

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