Social Media Marketing Consulting/Training

3 month program

  • Strategy: The initial strategy is the most important component of a successful social media campaign. We will meet with you and identify target audience, influencers and message. We will develop a strategy to create a successful, long term campaign.
  • Account set-up:  We will set up new, or modify existing accounts as needed including customized pages.
  • Development of following: Targeted following on all networks pertaining to geographic and demographic requirements.
  • Engagement: We will engage your target audience and connections, post your business related messages, and identify relevant chats and groups and pages to build the campaign.
  • Training: Initial set-up will continue for 6 weeks at which time we will conduct a training seminar with you to begin the process of releasing the account.
  • Maintenance/Consulting: For the remaining 6 weeks, we will continue to build your following while encouraging greater participation on your part in the campaign. We will continue to post and monitor client’s performance, providing feedback and continual training.
  • Release of accounts – After 12 weeks the accounts will be released to the client.

Social Media Training

Pricing varies depending on networks and continued consultation requirements.