Changes Come to Pinterest

Preview Available For Some Users

Preview Available For Some Users

What has changed?

  • Originally, the appearance was to showcase the images larger in a four column alignment instead of 5 columns. It appears that has been changed.
  • The menu appearance has changed supposedly making navigation easier. Not sure about this.
  • The tab on the left detailing who is following you and who has recently repinned your photos and videos is gone.It has been moved to the top.
  • The page appears less cluttered overall with the addition of some extra white space.
  • It is easier to find friends from Facebook and Twitter.
  • When you look at a close-up view of a pin, you’ll see other pins on the same board.
  • There is an illustration of “People who pinned this also pinned…”
  • New analytics are being added.

Full details are available on the Pinterest BLOG.

Current Appearance:

New Appearance:


Important to Note:

The way you edit your profile info and account settings has changed:

Edit your profile:

  1. Click your name at the top right of Pinterest to go to your profile
  2. Click the pencil on your profile
  3. Edit your name, username, profile description, location, or website

Edit your account settings:

  1. Hover over the profile menu
  2. Click Account Settings
  3. Change your password, update your email address, or change your email notification settings


How do you feel about these new changes?

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