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We put the “social” in social media!

The question our staff is asked most often is, “So you sell coffee?”  Not so much!  Why on earth would a marketing firm name themselves “PJ’s & Coffee”? It is a long story beginning with how our company was created — completely by accident!

PJs and CoffeeA passion for food lead to the creation of an unbiased perspective on local restaurants in The Best of Food. In order to promote our website, we jumped into the social media realm. When we saw how many unique visitors discovered our site via social media, we had that “AH HA” moment that all businesses must have at one time or another in order to be uber-successful.

As we discussed with restaurants how we would use social media to promote them, a new company was born. What we very quickly discovered was that businesses, both small and large, knew that they needed social media, but either didn’t understand it, or didn’t have time to manage it appropriately, or both. Since 87% of businesses fail at social media marketing due to lack of engagement, we found our niche in assisting brands to build relationships with their clients and target audience online.

PJ’s & Coffee was originally the name of our food blog. The name was intended to conjure up the feelings of relaxation, comfort, friends and online relationships, surrounding food. When we branched out into social media marketing, there was an intense symmetry between the two ideas, sans the food — or not!

The reality is that social media IS about being social. Nobody wants your advertisements! Social media = social networking. There is no difference between engaging a human being face-to-face, or online. Our philosophy is: relax, listen to what people are talking about and jump in and talk to them about their interests. Not sure how to do that? That’s what we are here for…